• Northside Hand & Upper Limb Clinic

    Excellence in Hand Injury Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • Northside Hand & Upper Limb Clinic

    Excellence in Hand Injury Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Northside Hand Clinic

At Northside Hand & Upper Limb Clinic we are passionate about ensuring that you get the best treatment possible for the quickest recovery from your hand, wrist or arm injuries (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, finger avulsion fractures, joint injuries and distal radius fractures).

We can also help you relieve the pain of arthritis, whether it is osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or other inflammatory conditions.

If you are unsure of what tasks are safe for you to perform as you recover, we can guide you through this process, whether it is for a return to work or home life.

Whether you are a child or adult, if you have fine motor difficulties we can also help you develop, strengthen and co-ordinate your hands to do all the tasks you need to perform in a day.

We do this through a wide variety of evidence-based treatment techniques tailored to you and your lifestyle. If your injury has required surgery our post-operative rehabilitation is done in close consultation with your hand surgeon to ensure a speedy recovery to your maximum potential.

Our Aim

We aim to give you the most technically sophisticated and up-to-date Hand Therapy services possible, to get you back up and using your hands well and without pain. With many years of experience, we constantly strive to achieve excellent results for each patient. Our clinics service the north Brisbane region, Redcliffe Peninsula and Caboolture regions.

Clinic Locations

Our 4 hand therapy clinics are located in Everton Park, Brendale, Kippa Ring, and Caboolture areas. Please see ‘Our Locations’ page for details.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Team

Our five therapists are:

  • Dr Anita Clerke PhD (sometimes mis-spelt Clark) is an Occupational Therapist/Hand Therapist with a research doctorate in hand function,
  • Jonathan Clerke BSc (Hons),BPty, is one of two double degree Physiotherapist, with a special interest in elbow and shoulder injuries.
  • Cynthia Hermsen is an Occupational Therapist
  • Amy Stevens is an Operational Therapist
  • Stanley (Pin Che) Lee is an Occupational Therapist
  • Sam Williams is an Occupational Therapist

Please see our profiles on the ‘About Us’ page.

Each of our Hand Therapists have the skills of an Occupational and Physiotherapist for treating upper limb injuries. This enables us to combine a number of disciplines in our treatments. All of our musculo-skeletal assessment tools are state-of-the-art computer linked tools and are maintained to the highest standards to ensure that you have accurate and reliable recordings of your injuries and recovery patterns.

Neuormeters test

Additional Specialised Tools for Nerve Assesments

We combine state of the art equipment with our extensive experience to find the right solution for you. We are the only hand therapy clinic in Australia to own a NeurometerTM sensory nerve assessment tool. This enables us to conduct differentiated sensory nerve tests for any pathology of nerves, such as peripheral neuropathies, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc.