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Why does my wrist hurt and cause me pain?

Wrist pain is something that most of us deal with at one time or another during our lives.

It has many causes and is treated in many different ways depending on the cause.  At Northside Hand and Upper Limb Clinic, our experienced Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists are able to assess your wrist pain to help determine the correct course of action to improve your pain. 

Causes of wrist pain                                                                                                                                          

Some of the most common causes of wrist pain that we provide treatment for include:   


Osteoarthritis - changes in the joints in the wrist due to wear and tear.                         


Tendonitis - inflammation or damage to tendons crossing or attaching to the wrist caused by repetitive movements or strain on the wrist from gripping/lifting/carrying.  

                                                                                    mechanics hands


Ligament injury - there are many important ligamentous structures within the wrist complex that can be injured through strain/sprains, previous fractures or overuse injuries and can be very painful.


Fractures -

ORIF Wrist

these can occur in the large bones (radius or ulnar) or the small bones (carpal bones) of the wrist. X-rays do not always clearly and obviously show some subtle fractures.

                                                      Bandaged hand wrist


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - this sometimes presents as pain but is more commonly reported as pins and needles or numbness in the hand.


Ganglions - these are sacks of joint fluid that arise from a tiny tear in the joint capsule.  They can push on the joints and ligaments and create pain.


Joint Laxity - sometimes our ligaments are too flexible and can allow structures to move too much in our wrists causing pain.  We can help people compensate for laxity by teaching you neuromuscular rehabilitation techniques.


Hypertonicity - Sometimes our muscles or joints contract and can’t relax due to neurological changes, or tightening in the joint tissue.  This can cause pain in the wrist and can be improved with splinting and casting.


If you think that you may be experiencing pain from any of the above conditions then please do not hesitate to contact us and book in for an assessment and treatment.