Hand & Upper Limb Injury Therapy

Why see a Hand Therapist and not just your local allied health professional?

Our Hand Therapists only treat hand and upper limb conditions, including those affecting fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists and elbows. Through extensive training and years of hands on experience we have gained specialised skills in knowing the best way to get you better faster. We frequently attend State, National and International conferences to keep up to date with the best advances in hand surgery and rehabilitation methods. All of our dedicated team have either an Occupational Therapy degree or a Physiotherapy degree and have learnt the skills of the partner profession to be able to give you a complete rehabilitation service from the day you first see us until you have achieved your best possible return of function and strength. We attend surgical conferences so that we can provide you with excellent education about the type of surgery you may have had, or are planning to have. We perform wound care techniques, take out your surgical stitches, make appropriate orthoses (splints), perform electrotherapy, prescribe exercises, give occupational, daily living and ergonomic advice, treat your oedema (swelling) and help with pain management through Cognitive Behavioural techniques or TENS machines. It really is a "one stop shop" for hand and upper limb therapy.

We also offer return to work services to ensure that you return with the right duties at the right speed so that you do not regress in your rehabilitation.

Some patients can receive excellent hand therapy assessment and treatment using Telehealth. To find out more, please call +61, 7, 3205 7019 outside of Australia, or 07, 3025 7019 within Australia.