Out trained therapists can custom make or fit an off the shelf splint or brace that will aide in your rehabilitation and return to work or home duties.  These orthotic devices can be made from thermoplastic, lycra or neoprene, fibreglass, leather, silver, plaster or soft cast material and are designed to fit you and provide support for your condition or injury.  Most are made on the spot and are ready to take home with you on the same day.Removing Green Cast OP

Orthotic devices and splints can help to rest and reduce pain, can prevent further injury or provide support for activities such as golf, writing or work tasks that need to remain pain-free.  They can be used to protect fractures and dislocations, reduce symptoms from nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel syndrome and ensure your rehabilitation post surgery is safe.  We can also use them to help regain lost movement and reduce inflammation and oedema (swelling).

Best of all, a thermoplastic splint can often allow you to swim in the summer as it is able to be dried.  Check your private health cover as you may also be eligible for a rebate for any custom made orthosis  that is fabricated for your needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think an orthotic device would assist you in some way. Please also refer to our page Orthotics and Splints.

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