Orthotic Devices (Splints)

Hand Splint

If you need an orthotic device (splint) for your hand or arm we can supply an off-the-shelf option for you, or create a custom made one for you. Most of the orthotic devices are made "on the spot" and given to you to wear home that same day. The leather and the silver ring splints are the exception (see below).

Our orthoses are made from a variety of materials, depending on how long you will need to wear them and their purpose.

Our most common orthotic devices are made from low temperature thermoplastics. However, they can also be made from leather, silver, neoprene, plaster, fibreglass or a semi-rigid polyester casting material.

Thermoplastic splints (as seen in the photo on the left)

Leather Splint

These are most commonly made for you after surgery to help with supporting the healing tissues. The splints can be made to fit over post operative bandages. They can also be remodelled multiple times as your swelling (oedema) resolves over time so that they always provide a perfect fit for your arm. The orthosis on the left was made for a man with a flexor tendon injury to his ring and middle fingers.

Semi-rigid Polyester Orthotic Devices (photo on the right)

These splints are designed to absorb shock for sporting activities such as golf and football. These are soft enough to be allowable for most sporting codes, but firm enough to provide the support a recovering hand or wrist needs to return to the activities you love fast and safely. We have had plumbers who have suffered from unstable thumb joints due to sporting injuries who have been able to wear these splints both to football and to work.


Leather splints

These are excellent if you are needing a long term splint which gives support but allows a small degree of movement. Typically these are most suitable for people with arthritic wrists who still like to be active in the garden or sports.

Silver Ring splints

These rings are excellent for regaining control of hyper mobile finger or thumb joints. They allow movement in specific ranges and block hyper extension or lateral instability. Silver ring splints are custom made in the USA from your finger measurements which we take in our clinic with our ring sizing kit. They are elegant, slim and functional. For example, if you have osteoarthritis of your distal finger joints and they feel unstable when you are trying to hold a cup to drink from, or hold vegetables for meal preparations these splints are hygienic, unobtrusive and can easily be washed. Many massage therapists and physiotherapists find that they help with their own joint pain in their thumbs and so they wear them whilst they are massaging or mobilising peoples backs. Because these splints are thin they are not a bother to the patients, most patients don’t even know you are wearing them till they have finish the massage and look up at your hands!

Lateral Support

Rebates for Orthotic Devices

If your orthosis is made by our Hand Therapists, you will usually receive a full rebate for it (depending on your private health insurance company's policies), if you have an insurance package that includes orthotic appliances. You may wish to ring your insurer before your visit to us to see if you are eligible for a refund.


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